Congratulations to Corniel Zwaan for receiving the Paper of the Week award for his Biomass Mill Conversion Presentation at Power-gen Asia in Bangkok last week

Greenbank Group's ( advanced fuel balancing technology integrating with CMP's high performance milling technology. Persuading innovative technologies for cleaner more efficient coal power generation.

Report shows reduced carbon intensity of UK grid : Biomass Magazine

CMP featuring in Siemens PLM's CFD software, STAR-CCM+ news. CFD is an integral part of CMP's design philosophy for high performance coal mill rotating throats(port rings) and classifiers.

The East expected to increase its biomass generation. Good to see.

Report provides updated EU pellet data : Biomass Magazine

Good to see biomass making progress in the UK and CMP's innovative coal to biomass mill conversion kit helping out.

CFD modeling of PF pipes to analyse distribution to the boiler burners. With CMP's new Ultra High Performance Static Classifier and Rotating Throat technology together with Greenbank Group's VARB and Control Gate PF Balancing System, distribution problems were solved.

A CFD model of a Loesche (Lopulco) LM 14/3P vertical spindle coal mill. The model includes the primary air ducting from the fan outlet and the pf pipes up to the burner inlets.

Coal Milling Projects now has it's own YouTube channel. Have a look:

Coal Milling Projects will be presenting at the 2017 Power Gen and Renewable Energy World Asia Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on 20 Sept 2017. The presentation will focus on the conversion of coal mills to biomass equivalents with CMP's new innovative technologies.

Drax Power Station uses Coal Milling Projects's coal to biomass mill conversion technology.

A particle animation screen shot showing the over classification of biomass flakes in conventional pulverized fuel (PF) classifiers. Note the small sized particle cyclone in suspension inside the classifier cone.

CMP will be at the STAR Global Conference in Berlin, 6 - 8 March 2017. We will be presenting on coal to biomass mill/pulverizer conversions.

Coal Milling Projects Convert Coal Mills to Biomass using Static Classifier technology.

Discreet Element Modeling (DEM) of a Tube and Ball Mill.

CMP managed to successfully convert a coal mill to a biomass equivalent, meeting the following requirements: - All biomass flakes (broken pellets) must go to the burners for successful firing. - No biomass pellets to be picked up to the piping (risks of settling in the production piping). - No reject of any biomass material to the mill reject boxes (feed loss). - Reduced system resistance for increased primary air fan capacity to allow for increased mill throughput. - Equal distribution of biomass flakes to the burners with no material settling in the production pipes.

CFD of pulverized fuel piping. By modeling the PF piping together with the mill, CMP can sort out PF distribution problems.

CFD modeling of a Babcock 8.5E mill done by Coal Milling Projects.

CFD of an MPS Vertical Spindle Coal Pulveriser.

Power Station Coal Milling Plant with CMP upgrades installed.