Arnot Power Station Loesche Mills
Camden Power Station Lopulco Mills
Duvha Power Station 12,9E Mills
Hendrina Power Station 8,5E Mills
Grootvlei Power Station 8,5E Mills
Komati Power Station 8,5E Mills
Kriel Power Station 10,8E & 12E Mills
Matla Power Station 12,9E Mills

Arnot Power Station:
Classifier and louvre ring upgrades on the Loesche Mills. (Part of the Capacity Increase Project).

Camden Power Station:
Modification, refurbishment and commissioning work on Lopulco Mills and pulverised fuel pipework. (Part of the Camden Return to Service Project).

Komati Power Station:
Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of raw coal belt feeders and associated auxiliaries. (Part of the Komati Return to Service Project.)
We have designed and supplied complete Biomass Conversion kits for Drax Power Station in the United Kingdom.
CMP successfully tested and fitted a Rotating Throat to the MPS mills at Longannet in Scotland prior to the Station shutdown.
We have installed Rotating Throats at Bocamina Power Station in Chile resulting in a throughput increase of above 20%.

Coal Chutes:
Upgrades done at Arnot, Hendrina and Kriel Power Stations.

Arnot Power Station:
Classifier, as well as louvre ring upgrades on the Loeshe Mills. Classifier and Coal Feed systems for the Stein Mills on Unit 1. (Part of the Capacity Increase Project )

Matimba Power Station Stein Tube Mills
Arnot Power Station Loesche Mills
Camden Power Station Lopulco Mills
Matla Power Station
Komati Power Station

We have designed and manufactured installed and commissioned transfer chutes for Arnot Power Station, Hendrina Power Station and Kriel Power Station.

We have also designed and manufactured a wide range of replacement SPARE PARTS for mills and auxiliary plant.