Following major refurbishment and modification projects, we can also provide a full mill commissioning service, including comprehensive performance testing, to ensure the mills are fully optimised. This is particularly important where modifications have been carried out to increase mill capacity.

This typically includes:

  • Coal Analysis for hard-grove, abrasive index, calorific value, moisture, ash content
  • Reject analysis in-terms of density and calorific value
  • Air flow testing
  • Feeder calibration
  • Pulverized fuel sampling
  • Load line evaluation

When mills are returned to service after mothballing, spare parts are often difficult to source due to obsolescence or lack of technical specifications and drawings. We have successfully designed and manufactured replacement spare parts for a variety of applications on mills, often exceeding the original life and performance due to superior materials and manufacturing processes.

The design of these components will be:

  • 3D scan exsiting design
  • 3D model new component
  • FEA model
  • Evaluate wear and mechanical design
  • Re-engineer new design
  • Approve test and evaluate new design

We have successfully refurbished mills after mothballing, ensuring gearboxes, loading systems and PF pipework systems are overhauled and returned to service in the optimum and most cost effective manner. This often involves a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the refurbished mills are capable of meeting current performance requirements. CMP is an approved level 1 supplier for both vertical spindle and Tube Mills. In addition to this CMP has been assessed and approved for Mill Refurbishment and Feeders.

We have completed feasibility studies for several major plant refurbishment and modification projects. These studies include defining the boundaries and scope of work for the project, evaluating the technical options and providing cost information for evaluation purposes.

Mills are often the focus during capacity increase projects, where higher throughputs are required to increase Boiler output. CMP used Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling to ensure designs are optimal to meet the customers’ requirements.

CMP has access to products and technology from various International suppliers to meet these requirements. Major modifications have been completed on classifiers, pipework systems and several other critical areas on mills.